Investment Group TS -COPR successfully launched another one up-to-date project: very modern and stylish website with super friendly interface www.topswitches.ru

TS-CORP Group invested in the development and launch of an online store for designer sockets and switches TopSwitches.

TopSwitches presents an adaptive website that allows you to quickly get accurate and up-to-date information about electrical installation products from European factories. The resource is equally convenient for viewing on a computer, tablet and smartphone. The site contains up-to-date information about activities, product portfolio, project experience, news and forms of cooperation with interior designers and wholesale buyers.

The new TopSwitches website is made as a comfortable resource. All the descriptions of electrical installation products are given in a language understandable not only for technical specialists, but also for a wide range of users. The design is based on the corporate style and the updated logo of the project.

The main challenge of the new site was a clear and convenient view of the TopSwitches product portfolio. On the first page of the site there is a showcase of flagship collections, and in the “Catalogue” section there are factories with which the company works directly.

“The new TopSwitches website is designed to be user-friendly, fully, and clearly showing all the main European factories with a wide range of products and solutions. Among the brands are Vimar, Jung, Fontini, Modelec, Gira, Bticino and many others. Responsive layout, intuitive navigation and easy design make your site surf comfortable,” notes Konstantin Azarov, who is TopSwitches project manager.

Please follow the website www.topswitches.ru to see the all the catalogues.

The TopSwitches project is part of the TS-CORP investment group.