TS-CORP Investment Group Secures Trademark for "TOP SWITCHES" Through Official Registration with ROSPATENT

Moscow, Russia - TS-CORP Investment Group, a leading provider of designer electrical installation products, has announced that its trademark, "TOP SWITCHES," has been officially registered by ROSPATENT, the federal service for intellectual property. This registration grants TS-CORP exclusive rights to the TOP SWITCHES brand.
The issuance of Certificate for Trademark No. 930880 marks a significant milestone for the company, as it solidifies TS-CORP's position as the rightful owner of the TOP SWITCHES brand. As CEO Evgeny Azarov notes, "Only the presence of a patent for a trademark makes the company the rightful owner of the brand. I’m glad TOP SWITCHES is now 100% owned by TS-CORP. We follow the right direction."

TS-CORP has been a trusted supplier of designer electrical installation products from European factories since 2021, and this trademark registration reinforces the company's commitment to providing reliable, high-quality products to its customers.

For more information about TS-CORP Investment Group and its offerings, please visit the official website at www.ts-corp.ru.