TS-CORP Unites AZARO.TALENTS and ACM into a New International Venture - ACM GLOBAL

Moscow, Russia — The leadership of TS-CORP has taken the decision to merge two significant projects, AZARO. TALENTS and ACM, into a singular international endeavor known as ACM GLOBAL.

ACM GLOBAL is dedicated to advancing two core initiatives:

  1. Personal Assistant Search, Recruitment, and Training: This project aims to provide top-tier personal assistants who are trained and prepared to serve clients at the highest level.
  2. International Concierge Agency: ACM GLOBAL offers a comprehensive range of travel and lifestyle services for private clients, ensuring comfort and enjoyment in all aspects of their lives.

Anastasia Lineva has been appointed as the Executive Director of ACM GLOBAL. Anastasia brings extensive experience in the concierge services industry and has a substantial background as a personal assistant. In her official statement, Anastasia underscores the importance of a passion for one’s work.
"Love what you do, and do what you love. ACM GLOBAL is the project I have been working towards all these years, and working on it brings me immense satisfaction and joy every day."
The amalgamation of AZARO. TALENTS and ACM projects into ACM GLOBAL promises to signify a new milestone in the development of TS-CORP and to strengthen the company’s standing in providing high-quality personal and concierge services.

For more detailed information about ACM GLOBAL and its offerings, please visit their official website at www.acmglobal.ru.